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 It’s not all about the carat

“Women need not splurge on expensive designer jewellery to make them feel and look great. Designed by award-winning architects, our jewellery emphasises form rather than exuberance, creating geometrically stunning yet simply elegant pieces that is meant to reflect the wearer’s true nature.”           

 - Ar. Melvyn J Kanny, founder


Do you want to look and feel more beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, confident appealing, sexy and loved?

Do you feel like you are being judged based on what you wear?

Wearing the right jewellery can help you look amazing, however buying expensive designer jewellery full of diamonds and gems can burn a huge hole in your pocket. These types of jewellery not only intimidate those who can’t afford to own them, but also creates social strata of the have and have-nots.

The need to look good and be accepted by society, to attract a mate and to express one’s-self is all part of life however it needn’t cost an arm and a leg!

It is common knowledge that diamonds and gemstones only further exacerbates the ethical issues of exploitation in the mining industry and its high value is created by false impression of scarcity.  Elegantly designed and beautifully crafted jewellery using humbler materials is the real key to creating priceless jewellery.

We understand that it is frustrating to have to resolve to either wearing fake designer jewellery or commercially made run-of-the-mill type cosmetic jewellery, neither of which helps with your self-esteem or confidence.

Zikurat was created with the sole intention to bring Art back into jewellery. All our jewellery pieces are designed and created by award-winning architects to bring back the tradition of scale, proportions, and geometrical simplicity where form meets function without the distraction of exuberance. Simple geometrical volumes are used to bring out the beauty of silver or gold with clean abstract uncluttered lines that will stand the test of time. The wearer is not one who wears jewellery to exhibit social status or opulence but one who appreciates the beauty of gold or silver expressed in simple sculptural forms. Each piece tells its own story and reflects the personality of the wearer.

We believe that good jewellery should be affordable and last a lifetime. Our products are sterling silver with gold plating highlights that are rust proof and hypoallergenic.

Jewellery can now be worn with pride without trying to shout you have arrived. It represents your beliefs and sophistication and what you stand for. Simplicity is the ultimate elegance….it’s not all about the carat!

As part of our effort to support the empowerment of women we have pledged that 30% of our profits go to organisations that are helping women better themselves through education, and other support systems.

The following are organisations we are currently working with:-

 CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education. CAMFED supports marginalized girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school, learn, thrive, and lead change in their communities. 

Dress for Success® Singapore strives to empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve economic independence and break out of the poverty cycle. We offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to obtain safer and better futures, by providing them with a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help them thrive at work and in life.


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