Jewellery Care

Zikurat are delicate pieces of jewellery and therefore requires plenty of TLC. Here are some tips to keep them in the best condition: -
  • Do not use chemicals to clean your jewellery as they may damage and tarnish the rhodium protective coating of the gold plating. Always use warm water and clean cloth to wipe them dry before storing them in the box.
  • To keep your Zikurat looking pristine simply use a polishing cloth to maintain the luster and shine.
  • Do not spray on perfume after wearing your Zikurat as this may tarnish and erode the plating of the silver/gold.
  • Remove the jewellery as soon as you are done using them and store them in the velvet storage box provided to keep them in pristine condition.
  • Special care is required when handling the jewellery and especially when putting them on and removing to avoid accidentally bending them . Silver is a naturally soft material and can easily go out of shape if proper care is not taken.



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