Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zikurat actually mean?

Zikurat was derived from the word “Ziggurat” which means an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian Temple. The name was chosen for a few reasons, one being that the Ziggurat was one of the earliest form of architecture built with function and design in mind. The Ziggurat also symbolised progress of human ingenuity with progress of the Bronze Age, where jewellery made from gold, silver and other metals were first used. As our vision is to go back to the origin and relook at the design of jewellery without influences from commercial trends, we chose the name Zikurat to represent this.


How is Zikurat produced?

Zikurat is fine finished silver jewellery with gold plated highlights. Our jewellery cannot be produced using the traditional hand-made methods or using mass-production machinery. This is due to the complexity of the design, derived from geometrical lines. The method used generally is a combination of using 3D printing techniques combined with traditional casting methods. The pieces are then assembled together and undergoes welding of parts and final polishing which are all done by hand.


Why is the silver rhodium plated?

Sterling silver can easily be tarnished and oxidized with time. The rhodium plating is added to protect the silver from tarnishing too easily. Zikurat is hypoallergenic and nickel-free.


How to order?

To place your order follow these simple steps:-

Step 1. Choose the Zikurat piece that speaks to you, that reflects your personality and suits and completes your look.

Step 2. Check that the specifications, dimensions (especially ring size), and weight meets your expectations.

Step 3. Check the delivery period and read the terms of the duration of delivery depending on your location and chosen delivery service.

Step 4. Once satisfied, place your order through our payment gateway and upon successful transaction you will receive a notification confirming your order and sit back, relax and wait till your Zikurat arrives.

Step 5: Upon arrival check that you have received your Zikurat in good condition. Read our guide on wearing and caring for your Zikurat.


What does your lifetime warranty cover?

Our jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty against rust as we use 925 rhodium coated sterling silver and 3 micron thickness of 24k gold plating. However, it is worth noting that all precious metals are susceptible to getting tarnished or oxidised over time. To keep your Zikurat jewellery in pristine condition avoid contact with perfume, hair spray, skin creams and often chemicals.

Do not use soap or any often chemicals to clean the jewellery. The best way to clean is by using a dry lint-free cloth to wipe your jewellery before storing them back in the Zikurat box casing that comes with your purchase.

Wear your jewellery only after you have sprayed perfume on yourself as this will cause erosion on the gold and rhodium plating and accelerate the tarnishing process.


What does your 12 month warranty cover?

We provide a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects or faults and we will replace or repair free of charge. The warranty does not cover accidental damages, wear and tear or unreasonable treatment. Zikurat are delicate pieces of jewellery. They are meant to be worn on special occasions and perhaps at work but not for use 24-7. Sterling silver is a naturally soft material and can easily bend out of shape if care is not taken. It can however easily be bent back to its original shape. It is worth noting that we are unable to accept returns refunds if the jewellery item goes out of shape due to careless or rough handling.


What are the conditions of the Money Back Guarantee offered?

If you feel the jewellery piece you ordered does not meet your expectations, please fill free to return it within 14 days of purchase provided:-

  1. The items have not been worn and is in its original condition
  2. The items are in the original packaging
  3. The order no. and receipt are provided

We will credit back the money into your bank account upon receipt of the items in original condition. For the shipping address please refer to Zikurat’s official address.


What if the jewellery is damaged? Can you help repair it?

Should your precious Zikurat be damaged accidentally or worn out through wear and tear, we will be happy to assist in repairing them with a small fee provided they are posted to our office address. Please email to us what needs to be fixed and we will give you a quote and upon payment, we will handle the rest.


How long will it take to receive my Zikurat?

For local orders within Malaysia, your order should reach within a week. For overseas locations, the delivery will take between 2 to 3 weeks. You will receive an email confirming your order and track its delivery. Should you not receive your order please contact us at


How about items that are not in stock? Can I still make an order?

Yes you can! If you like an item and it is unfortunately out of stock please click on “let me know when it’s available” and we will inform you as soon as the stock has been replenished.




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