Zikurat is artisanal fine silver jewellery

Zikurat was derived from the word “Ziggurat” which means an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian Temple. The name was chosen for a few reasons, one being that the Ziggurat was one of the earliest form of architecture built with function and design in mind. The Ziggurat also symbolised the progress of human ingenuity with progress of the Bronze Age, where jewellery made from gold, silver and other metals were first used. The name Zikurat was chosen to represent our vision of going back to the origin of jewellery design without the influences from commercial trends.

Wearing the right jewellery can help you look amazing, however buying expensive designer jewellery full of diamonds and gems can burn a huge hole in your pocket. These types of jewellery not only intimidate those who can’t afford to own them, but also creates social strata of the have and have-nots.

The need to look good and be accepted by society, to attract a mate and to express one’s-self is all part of life however it needn’t cost an arm and a leg!

It is common knowledge that diamonds and gemstones only further exacerbates the ethical issues of exploitation in the mining industry and its high value is created by false impression of scarcity.  Elegantly designed and beautifully crafted jewellery using humbler materials is the real key to creating priceless jewellery.

We understand that it is frustrating to have to resolve to either wearing fake designer jewellery or commercially made run-of-the-mill type cosmetic jewellery, neither of which helps with your self-esteem or confidence.

Comparison table

The price band above is based on market studies of silver jewellery in general. Zikurat is priced at a higher price band than commercially mass produced jewellery. This is because our jewellery is not made using conventional mass produced techniques but a combination of casting, 3D printing and hand-made techniques which gives them a fine finish which is sometimes referred to as fine jewellery. We are however considerably cheaper than popular designer brands. Our mission is to bridge the gap by creating designer jewellery that can compete with the designer labels but at a price everyone can afford.



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