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Zikurat Earrings Jewellery

Lantern Type-T

Lantern Type-T

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“The lantern series Earrings were actually inspired by the Chinese Lantern. Women are light bearers and what better way to shine then to wear earrings inspired by it.”

 – Ar Melvyn J Kanny, founder

The Type T (triangular) lantern inspired earring represents the inner light the wearer carries. The light always shines, subtle yet unrelenting, constant, yet never over-powering.

The Lantern series is fine finished sterling silver jewellery with gold plated highlights and cannot be produced using the traditional hand-made methods or using mass-production techniques. This is due to the complexity of the design, derived from complex geometrical lines 3D printing techniques of individual components were used which are then assembled together by hand. Sandblasting was used to create the final matt surface.

As 925 sterling silver like most precious metals can get tarnished and oxidized with time, rhodium plating is added to protect the silver from tarnishing too easily. It is also suitable for those with sensitive skin as our product is hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

For the gold highlights, 3 micron thickness of 24k gold plating is used to ensure the piece remains in pristine condition for a very long time. To keep your Zikurat jewellery in the best condition do refer to our conditions and guidelines in the FAQ section.

We offer a lifetime warranty on the sterling silver against deterioration or rust and a 12 month warranty on manufacturing defects. We also offer a full money-back guarantee if our product does not meet your expectations for whatever reason. The terms and conditions are all spelt out at the FAQ section.

Product specification -

  • Earring Approx.: 52.0mm (L) x 14.0mm (H) x 14.0mm (W) 
  • Drop Length: 19.0mm
  • Weight: 9.8 g x 2
  • 3D printed
  • Hand polished
  • Sterling silver
  • Rhodium plated
  • Gold highlights  in 3 micron 24k gold plating

100% Money Back Guarantee


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