Zikurat was derived from the word “Ziggurat” which means an ancient Sumerian/Babylonian Temple. The name was chosen for a few reasons, one being that the Ziggurat was one of the earliest form of architecture built with function and design in mind. The Ziggurat also symbolised progress of human ingenuity with progress of the Bronze Age, where jewellery made from gold, silver and other metals were first used. The name Zikurat was chosen to represent our vision of going back to the origin of jewellery design without the influences from commercial trends.

When you own a Zikurat, you will begin to realise that beautiful jewellery needn't be diamonds and emeralds to give yourself a higher self-worth or confidence. In fact it's simplicity that reflects your true elegance and beauty. Every piece you own goes to helping women around the world improve their quality of life through your purchase.

A Zikurat woman may once have been unsure of herself and lacks self confidence. Today she is a confident, proud and radiant fashionado who also wants a better world for women.


Buying jewellery whether for one’s self or as a gift can be a daunting task. Despite the many jewellery shops around and the myriads of designs and collections available the choice of jewellery remains limited. This is because commercially available jewellery in the market seems to fill the void for either ordinary folks or the rich and glamourous type.

Commercially designed jewellery available in the market today lack character and are often embellished with too much jewels that one can be blinded by the gaudy opulence and bling!

For those who are preoccupied with jewellery being a status symbol then there isn’t a problem and commercially produced jewellery will satisfy most of them. If you however belong to the more discerning crowd that want their jewellery to compliment them, to be subtle yet daring, to be simple yet sophisticated, to be without the bling yet outstanding and elegant then you will be hard pressed to find anything that will meet your needs.

Our jewellery pieces are devoid of any precious stones, and we have decided to stick with the simplicity and elegance of gold and silver itself.



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